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  • Hello. My Name is Anca-Madalina Manolea and my instagram account ( mada_manolea) got hacked as my phone got stolen during a crime against me including physical violence. My email address I registered got delated and changed to an unknown email address and my phone number is not existing any longer too. I tried to find the formular for solving that via Instagram helping site but it is not working like written there. I hope you can help me to get Access into it again as there re Informations inside I need for the Police. I can identify me with my pass ID that I m the owner of the Account mada_manolea at instagram. Greetings Anca-Madalina Manolea

  • If your instagram account has actually been hacked and there is no longer any access to your account, it can happen that the account no longer exists! The hacker has probably obtained the email address and requested a new password via Instagram. Solution: Access should be possible again with a new and secure email address. To be on the safe side, do not create a new account with old data! Alternatively, go to this website Nutzungsbedingungen | Instagram-Hilfebereich and the email address in the legal notice. An answer can take several days.

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